How to Deal With the Low Energy Days

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. (you know the reference, right?)
With hypothyroidism, you can get some really surprising chocolates. Instead of truffle-filled goodness, sometimes they’re just empty chocolate shells.
Other times you eat 85% of a chocolate, put it back in the box for tomorrow, forget about it, and wonder why you only have 15% of a chocolate to eat today.
BUT…when we do get a delicious, perfect, whole chocolate, we really savor it like never before.
Today I want to talk about those empty-shell kinda days.
You know what I’m talking about – you wake up and getting out of bed feels like the biggest accomplishment you can achieve. You may or may not be able to feed yourself today. Brushing your teeth feels like a luxurious energy expense.
It feels impossible, but you can make these days suck a little less. It requires some of your precious energy, but it’s worth it.
Here’s what to do when you wake up empty:

Relax. Accept the situation you’re in.

The first thing I tend to do is stress myself out by thinking of all the things I’m “supposed to” do today. I freak out about getting behind and worry myself into an even deeper energy pit. Stress only takes away your precious energy, so find a way to relax.
Take three big, long, deep breaths, slowly. Then relax your muscles, and accept the situation for what it is. This will conserve more of your precious chocolatey bits of energy today.

You are worthy of love, regardless of what you do or don’t accomplish today.

You are worthy of love. Period. End of story. Believing this is one of the best things I learned to do for myself and my health. Seriously. Feeling like a blob of worthless, couch-sitting crap does nothing for your health or happiness. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there, and sometimes I still fall back there, but I’ve learned to crawl out. I’m a better person for it.
Tell yourself “I am worthy of love”. Say it out loud, in your head, or write it down. Find a way to believe it. Knowing that you are worthy of love from yourself and others reminds you that you are not your illness – you are a wonderful, worthy person who’s going through some sh!t.

Reschedule commitments.

Clearing your calendar of all non-essential items sets you up for mental success. Do this first thing. It requires some precious energy, but it reduces your stress out of the gate and generates more time for resting and healing.
Look, I know it sucks to reschedule or cancel stuff. I’ve done it hundreds of times over the years – both professional and personal things. But great communication from you is the best way to get the support you need from the people in your life.
If you can reschedule a meeting to later in the week, do it. Ask your friend if next week could work for Happy Hour. Forget about cleaning the house until the weekend – your health matters more than a little dirt on the floor. Always.

In love and in health,


PS – I want to hear from you. How do you get through the down days? What helps you feel a little more human and a little less frustrated? Let us know in the comments.

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