#HypothyroidThoughts: “I need support, not pity”

Have you ever wanted to scream “I need support, not pity” as someone looks at you with sad doe eyes and goes on and on about “how hard life must be for you”? You just need the pity to stop, but you don’t want to hurt their feelings.

Your loved ones mean well, you know they do.

Sometimes they try a little too hard, though. Or maybe they just don’t know the right thing to say, so they say whatever comes to mind first.

Either way, it can be really hard to turn down their “help” when it’s actually hurting you. 

Instead of pretending to smile, try telling them the truth. I need support not pity

With all the love in your voice that you feel for this person, gently say “Yes, this is very hard for me. But I will get through it. If you want to help me, please start by motivating me. Don’t give me empty phrases, but listen when I speak, pull me up when I’m down, and remind me to live within my current limitations when I try to do too much. Please don’t talk about how hard this is for me – I’m reminded of that every day. <optional> What do you think about me calling you next time I need help? </optional>”

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