A Sales Mindset for Success – even in these uncertain times

I’ve talked to many sales professionals during quarantine, and I’ve noticed something interesting.

There seems to be a stark divide in how they’ve approached sales during this uncertain time. And this divide has little to do with their industry or what they’re selling.

I see it coming down to a single belief, to a single mindset characteristic, that drives their behaviors, which in turn drives their results.

Check out today’s video to learn more, and to discover which side you’re on.



The top performing sales professionals I’ve been talking to recently all have one common belief. They all tend to believe that money is rarely what kills a deal, even in these uncertain times, it’s usually a lack of value.

Hi, I’m Kristin Jekielek, founder of Resilient Productivity, and welcome to video three of the Resilient Sales mini-series, where I’m sharing with you the top strategies that high-performing sales people are using to close deals, even now.

The sales professionals I’ve talked to recently tend to fall in one of two buckets, either they’re hesitating to offer anything for sale right now, and that’s because they believe that consumers and businesses just don’t have any money for what they have to offer.

On the other hand, there are people who seem to be absolutely crushing it, closing lots of deals right now, and doing really well, and what I’ve noticed is that those people tend to just believe that there is money in consumer’s pockets and in businesses bank accounts in order to trade value for dollars.

And they were believing this even before they were doing well with sales during this time. It seemed to be a defining belief that when you believe that there is money out there to be traded for value, you’re going to go after it, you’re going to put more offerings out there, you’re going to invest more time into discovering new opportunities, like we talked about in video two, and you’re going to invest more time into creating new offerings, and to creating new value for customers.

Whereas if you believe there isn’t any money out there, it’s going to limit the actions that you take. It’s going to actually hold you back from discovering maybe new areas to sell into, or maybe new ways to sell.

So, my tip for today is to ask yourself: What do you believe about the money available to trade value for dollars right now?

Do you believe that there isn’t any or there isn’t enough? Or, do you believe that it is out there, even if it’s going to take you some extra time and effort to go after it and find it?

As a top sales performer, it’s up to you to decide to be resilient in the face of this adversity, and to go after the opportunities that are available to you.

Thank you for being here for video three of the Resilient Sales mini-series.

I’ll see you next time.


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