Sales Leadership Motivation – A Heroic Display of Resilience in Action

Keith Baldwin is a local Philly leader you should want to know.

He made two HUGE pivots in his business since quarantine began, and you might not believe even one of them would have been possible.

He’s also the kind of guy who wants you to know he didn’t do it for the publicity. He is simply trying to help save jobs.

Keith has been part of the same sports & trophy company for over 40 years, eventually buying it and becoming CEO.

His first major pivot this year was to become a call center, equipping and training his 50 employees to become work-from-home call agents over a single weekend. That fast pivot saved everyone’s jobs.

And then Keith decided he wasn’t done yet.

Check out today’s video to discover the exceptional resilience, and leadership, Keith displays with his second pivot. And learn today’s Resilient Sales tip, too.



Resilient sales means discovering the new opportunities available, especially when the landscape has shifted dramatically.

Hi, I’m Kristin Jekielek, and welcome to video two of the Resilient Sales mini-series. Today we’re building on video one. Now that we know how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, it’s time to start doing the hard, uncomfortable work of discovering the new opportunities at hand.

There are several places we can be looking for
these new opportunities.

  • We could be looking for new ways to reach and sell to our existing customers.
  • Maybe it’s about understanding the changing needs of our customers and developing new offerings to them,
  • Or it can mean looking for new markets to serve.

Other companies need to take a much more dramatic approach, completely upending everything, and discovering new markets, new customers, and creating new offerings and products.

Now this takes an incredible amount of resilience. It’s really hard work.

It takes a lot of research and discovery, a lot of creativity, and also, of course, a lot of elbow grease.

I want to share with you the story of one local Philadelphia top performer who made that really tough decision to change everything in order to save not only his business, but to also support his workers, and also the Philadelphia frontline workers.

Nobody would be surprised to hear that a trophy company is struggling right now. With all local events cancelled for the foreseeable future, there can’t be too many people ordering trophies right now. However, Keith Baldwin didn’t let that stop him.

As CEO of Spike’s Trophies here in Philadelphia, he knew he had a big choice in front of him. He knew he had the option of just laying off his workers and riding this out, and hoping for the best.

But as a top high-performer, with extreme resilience Keith decided that just wasn’t good enough for him.

In fact, he found a solution that benefitted not only his business, and also his workers, but also one that began to benefit the frontline workers here in Philadelphia.

Keith shifted his business from trophies to making face
masks, hand sanitizer, and also PPE equipment.

Now, of course, they had no knowledge of how to manufacture or sell any of these things at the beginning, but Keith didn’t let that stop him.

He had chosen his new path and he did whatever it took to get there.

If you found this story of extreme resilience as inspiring as I did, I hope you can use it to inspire some new ideas
for your own business, for your own sales strategies, to continue moving forward, in-spite of what may seem overwhelming odds. And you can read about the other, additional pivot Keith took this year right here: 

Thank you for being here for video two of the ResilientSales Mini-Series.

I’ll see you next time.

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