The Creating Certainty Series, Part 4: Sustaining productivity for the rest of your career


It takes a lot of energy to be a high performer year after year.

On top of that, we take on new challenges and set bigger goals almost before we’ve completed the current project.

This means that a crucial part of a long and successful career is 🔥energy🔥. We must generate enough to sustain this level of high productivity decade after decade.

And yet, many high performers are finding themselves more and more exhausted as time goes by. Even when they get enough sleep, it’s harder and harder to get out of bed each morning.

Now, we don’t let this exhaustion stop us. Not one bit. Work still needs to get done.

But in the back of our minds, we wonder how on earth we can keep this up, if the exhaustion doesn’t stop getting worse.

Today’s video, Part 4 of the Creating Certainty Series, dives into the One Thing you can do today to turn this around.

It comes down to taking this first crucial step. 🔥

Transcript: I’ve noticed that, in private, many high performers are struggling with the uncertainty of how to maintain their productivity across the duration of their career.

Hi, I’m Kristin Jekielek, a Resilience Coach, and welcome to video four, the final video of The Creating Certainty series.

Today’s video is for you, if you feel stuck in that exhaustion, the exhaustion that leaves you feeling just as tired as when you went to bed the night before, waking up feeling like you didn’t actually get any rest, and you’re not even sure how you’re going to be able to draw yourself out of bed today.

So, the first thing you do is grab for your phone, start scrolling through all the fires that have popped up overnight, and get to work right away.

And yet, day after day, you do dig deep and find the energy to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other. However, it quickly escalates into a mad, frantic dash to get ready as quickly as possible so you can sit down to work as early as possible.

If you’ve even eaten breakfast, you’ve grabbed the fastest thing nearby, and just shoved it in your face. Meanwhile, your brain has started compiling the day’s to-do list,
the list that has started to feel just impossible and overwhelming. And, in the back of your mind, you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to find the energy to get through today, let alone, how you’re going to wake up tomorrow and do it all again, and the day after, and the day after.

If this is how you’ve been feeling, then my tip for you today is to draw a line in the sand right now,
to decide that this life of exhaustion is not good enough for you.

That this is not why you work so hard.

You work hard so you can feel good about the things that you do. So you can have enough energy leftover after the work day to enjoy your time with your friends and your family, doing your hobbies and your interests, the things that you’re passionate about in life.

Today is the day to decide that you are going to do something better for yourself. Today is the day to decide that you are going to discover whatever it takes for you to wake up feeling vibrant, and alive, and excited, and energized about what lies ahead.

To create the life where you get to practice resilient productivity for the duration of your career, whether that’s another year, ten years, or twenty years.

To have the confidence that you’ll be able to sustain your productivity across that time.

And, also knowing that you’ll have the energy to enjoy time with your loved ones.

The second part of my tip is to ask yourself: What is it going to take to create that life for yourself, and to do it as fast as possible?

If the answer to your question is to find guidance and support in how to create more resilient productivity in your life, and how to feel more excited and energized about your life then I want to have a conversation, just a quick ten minute chat to see if we’re even a good fit
to work together. If we are, we’ll discuss next steps.

And if we aren’t, all we’ve lost is ten minutes.

To schedule your ten minute chat there’s a link in the
description to this video underneath all the hashtags.

Either way, I am super excited for you to have made the decision to live a life you’re excited about, a life that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. A life where you enjoy yourself at work and also at play.

Thank you for being here through The Creating Certainty series.

I’ll see you next time.


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