The Crucial Relationship for Resilience

Neglecting this relationship can hurt your career longevity.

Nurturing it can create a more solid foundation for high performance – if you put in the time.


We all know that relationships are important for any business to succeed, but at the individual level we tend to overlook the relationship a person has with their own body.

Now this may sound a little simple and basic, and maybe even unimportant at first.

However, some of the top performers I’ve met who are struggling mid-career with extreme exhaustion and burnout, are looking at their bodies as an annoyance, or as a burden that they have to take care of every now and then.

Whereas the truly resilient high performers, the ones who are competing at the top of their game, who worked really hard to get there, and are intent on staying there, have a more proactive relationship with their bodies.

They’re treating their body as a true partner because they know that whenever they properly nourish, rest, and support their body in the way that it needs to be – proactively – they’re going to be rewarded with more energy, with more focus, with more resilience, with a more positive outlook on life.

And that goes a long way for high performers who are after a successful, tenured career for the next 10, 20, or 30 years.

So my tip for today is to examine the relationship you have with your body. Is it more reactive? Where you work on it when things aren’t going so well.

Or is it more proactive? Where you’re ensuring that your body is going to be there to support you in your goals over the long term.

Thanks so much for watching today, and I’ll see you next time.

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