The Dark Side of Agility and Adaptability

Constantly shifting priorities are a natural consequence of staying agile and adaptable. It can be a good business practice. And yet, are we acknowledging the other side of the coin?

Frequent change also presents specific challenges to teams, as it’s inherently stressful to our change-resistant minds. These challenges aren’t necessarily bad, but they do need to be acknowledged and supported if teams are going to stay highly productive over the long term.

Check out today’s video to learn a simple body/mind biohack to get your business brain fully functioning again.



Constantly shifting priorities has become the norm for many businesses today, and while there are many reasons for this, some of them are because businesses are finding themselves more successful in the long-term when they can be more agile, and they can more quickly evolve and adapt to changing life situations.

On the down side, this creates a more challenging work environment for most people, especially most top performers.

It means that we’re not able to focus our efforts on one thing for a long period of time. We’re not getting into that flow state that is so great for productivity and mental clarity, and also creativity, and sparking new ideas. We’re having to respond to things, as opposed to being able to proactively approach them with a calm mind. We get into the mode of, “What fire do I need to put out next?”

And that is inherently triggering of the stress response in our bodies, it’s inherently triggering that flight or fight response that we have. As I’ve talked about in some of my older videos, whenever our stress response is triggered it creates a shift in our bodies.

Our bodies are actually increasing the production of certain hormones, decreasing the production of other hormones, and when we’re stressed we’re creating more cortisol and adrenaline, which is great for a short term momentary energy, but our body is also shutting down the parts of our brain that are responsible for logical thinking and clear decision making. So while we feel energized and we feel ready to attack the next problem on our to-do list, we’re actually making ourselves less capable of being able to do so rationally and logically, and we’re actually inhibiting our good decision-making abilities.

So my tip for today, all is not lost. You’re still able to calm down the nervous system and reclaim that calm, rational decision-making ability even while working in an environment that shifts priorities all the time. The way to do this is to notice when you’re getting caught up in responding to fires.

And it’s really as simple as just taking a few moments for yourself at your desk, maybe you go to the bathroom to do this in private, but simply breathing deeply in and out, in and out for 45 seconds, even, is going to shift your body back into that calm state, increase blood flow to your brain, and realign your body’s functioning with your goals, which is to be successful at work.

Thanks so much for watching today, and I’ll see you next time.

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