The Power of Shattering Limiting Beliefs

Brian Dainis is a local Philly leader you should want to know.

He’s been leading companies since he was 18, and was recognized by the Philly 100 last year for having one of the fastest growing businesses in the region.

But he didn’t always think “people like him” could be successful in business, until one CEO taught him a life lesson he never forgot.

Brian has allowed me to share that pivotal moment with you here, the moment where a lifetime of new possibilities opened up.

Check out today’s video to discover the power of shattering limiting beliefs, and claiming the life we want in the face of adversity.

Brian Dainis is CEO of Curotec.


Brian was knocking on his 200th door of the day, trying to sell fiber optic cable service in the Florida heat. His feet are crying out for a break and sweat drips down his back under the company monogrammed polo, but if he doesn’t make a sale soon he’s not going to make any money that day. Working for commission can be tough.

In-between the pauses of his knocks, he’s reflecting on how he wishes his plan to go to audio engineering school hadn’t been postponed. He was 19 and struggling to get by, he was already late on his rent payment, but tomorrow would be different.

The CEO of the national sales company he worked for was hosting a motivational speaking event for all of the Tampa sales force. Brian wanted to go to learn how to be a better salesperson because deep down he was losing faith in himself and he wanted his life to be going somewhere.

So the next afternoon, Brian sits down with his plate of buffet hot wings and egg rolls, the kind with the good orange dipping sauce, and his feet are happy to be off-duty for the day. Brian’s head pops-up as he hears the CEO being introduced, he wants to catch the guy walk on stage.

From behind the dark stage curtain charges a scruffy looking man in a blazer carrying an armful of books. He begins to shout motivational phrases at the crowd, while flinging the books out to the audience. Brian’s head is swimming with confusion and disbelief as he’s watching water glasses being shattered and people ducking to avoid getting hit.

Then this guy starts bragging about how much he spends on his landscaping every year, and about his lavish lifestyle, and insinuating that everyone here can be just as rich as he is if they just work a little bit harder.

By this point Brian is in a state of shock, as his cooling buffet food is quickly losing its appeal. It dawns on Brian that this circus clown is the CEO. This guy was like no business person Brian had ever met before.

They were all reserved and groomed, and well-dressed, and articulate, and serious. The kind of person Brian never really saw himself becoming with his long hair and his rock band. Business people were supposed to be buttoned-up and formal, but this CEO was anything but.

The shiny thin veneer of who could become successful in business quietly shattered in Brian’s mind.

In that void, he saw himself exactly as he was that day, with his high school diploma, his weekend rock band gigs, and his lack of experience. His own vision for his potential grew 10 sizes that moment.

As an idea began to form in his mind that he could go into business. That he could be at least as successful as this arrogant puff on stage. That it was worth trying, because it turns out there wasn’t a bouncer at the door denying entry.

Later that week Brian cofounded his first company.

Hi, I’m Kristin Jekielek, creator of Resilient Productivity.

I shared this story with you today because it’s such a great example of how important our mindset and especially our beliefs are. If we have limiting beliefs that people like us can’t achieve the success we’re after in life, we’re not going to go after those opportunities, we’re not going to show up the way we need to to make success happen. So we need to be actively searching those out, shattering them, and then building the lives that we actually want to be living.

Now if you found this story inspiring, I’m here to tell you that Brian isn’t someone made up, he’s a real person and a real business owner. 12 years later Brian is the Founder and Co-Owner of Curotec, a custom software development and digital transformation agency here in Philadelphia. If you want to learn more about him, you can go to Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

P.S. I’m looking for more success stories to feature. If you’re a business owner or a seasoned professional with a small moment that changed everything for you, I’d love to hear about it. I’m looking to interview business owners and seasoned professionals, just like you, who have experienced something that took seconds, minutes, or hours, and completely changed the way you show up at work, where you learned what it means to be a high performer, or where you overcame some extreme odds in a display of resiliency.

Connect with me here. I hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

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